Meekla is a social platform for things.

Meekla is a social platform that enables social discussion, renting and selling with smart ownership.

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Meekla is a social platform designed for physical things.

Meekla enables people to share their passion for the things they love. It provides a way to share useful information, ask for help or advice regarding the thing you own or are considering acquiring, and most importantly, it’s a way to connect with people who share a similar passion for their belongings. As it revolves purely around physical things, it is a platform that enables smart ownership of things.

Meekla offers a platform to discuss, like and share information in a similar manner as currently existing social media solutions do, but with a focus on physical things.


Meekla is a platform built to manage the lifecycle of any items AFTER the item has been purchased. To find other people with similar interests, people scour the internet and find different forums, Facebook groups, maybe some subreddits, but there really is no centralized place for owners of items to share information, have discussions and learn from each other. They are scattered.

Main focus of the platform UI is on the social feed that shows the latest posts, comments, likes, sales posts, etc. There are a lot of current and future features in the platform, but all of our ideas require users to actually want to engage in social activities with each other, or the app will become less interesting.

Meekla project

We set a time limit of a year for studying and testing different aspects of digitalization, B2C models and for building an application, which would grow to become an independent business. We ended up with some positive results and knowledge on how to build a captivating digital experience for consumers, but some of the key metrics for growth were not met in time. As we are not fans of slow growth, the decision was made to let the app continue on it's own, and the founders moved on to other endeavours..